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I Card Services

If you are looking for id card then we have a full range of ID Card accessories to fulfill your requirement. We wish to inform you that our custom ID cards, Smart cards, Photo ID services can provide the right solution for your company/organization/schools. Protect your Staff, Employee and students with personalized identification so the focus goes back where it belongs. In School and college use of ID cards is almost compulsory in today’s scenario all universities and colleges are computing not only on education but also the other facilities like good Environment good infrastructure and total security to their students. In which ID cards plays an important role which should suit all above and impact has a solution for the same by providing excellent quality for cards with various designs security & features.

We provides the following types of I - Card

Employee’s ID Cards

School and College Student's and Staff I- Cards

Student's Parent Card

Visitor Cards

Membership Card

Previlege Card

Business Card